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The Nash Legacy :: Gen 1-4

So, I don't have my Sims icons because I lost my paid account because I am poor. Now I only have six icons. Woe.

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A Few Notes:
-The images change in the update. For a bit I was all "Forget borders and things! I just wanna hurry!" That didn't last, because I want it to look nice and stuff. They are in .jpg format though, cause holy beejebus, I have DSL and it was taking my posts years to load.
-So, I had to move the Nashs to a new house sometime or another, and I don't even acknowledge it picture wise. The old one was glitchy and so, they moved. Don't worry, though. Still totally horrid in design and build though. It is still ME, so, yeah.
-I'm going to try to knock out the college years before I go on Hiatus, starting November 1, because I'm doing NaNoWriMo and I won't be posting/playing. If I don't, then I'll see you guys in a little over a month!

Random updateeeee





*falls over dead.*

I enjoy uni, I do! For the first semester or two.


Also? I almost freaked for a second there. I couldn't find my caps. But then I remembered I'd changed destination folders.


Also. Look at my icon. Hot, y/y?

Guys, I'm totally still here.

It's been a while, but...I told you. I got lazy. And yeahhh. This post is actually larger than most of mine, with 48 images. I know, that is small to most people, but it's big for me! Also? Say goodbye to borders and upped saturation after this post. From now on I'm just going to crop and resize, and I think I'll get through everything, like, a lot faster.

Anyways, this update is rather choppy and all over the place, because I fully intended to finish up Generation one with this post, but I couldn't, (again, lazy) so we'll have ONE more part of generation one, and then we'll be off to college and generation two!

Babies! FINALLY!Collapse )

The Nash Legacy :: Generation 1.2

When we last left off, Loretta had maybe? found a Sim that she could be happy with. Will things work out? Or will things crash and burn?

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So, I've got a few things to discuss.

Would you guys rather have these smaller updates with less pictures? I know my internet isn't the fastest, and sometimes it take it forever and a day to load all the images, especially if the poster is using .png, like me. I've planned on making each post having thirty images, but yeah, then it would take a while to get through each generation, and people might get bored. So. What would YOU like to have?

Secondly, I'm doing my generation a bit different. Each new generation will start with the kids are sent to college, and at the end of that, a heir will be chosen (after feedback for you guys!). I know a lot of people jump back and forth with when their new generations start, and a lot of people start their when the first kid is born, but I'm not a big fan of that, just a heads up :D

First Post - The Nash Legacy!

Welcome, welcome, welcome. This is my Sims 2 journal. I know it is a community, but I did that to just make it easier on me. No logging in/out. You'll find that I am extremely lazy, so, yeah. So. Let's get started on the Legacy, shall we?

We shall.

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